• I.V. Catheters Series
  • Needle Free Infusion Connector
  • Dispensing Syringe for single use
  • Disposable Protective Cap
  • Disposable Blood Pressure Transducer
  • Infusion Sets with Precision Filters for single use
  • Ti-Ni Memory Alloy Suture
  • JK01Type Y I.V. Cathether

    Disposable Intravenous Cannulas can reduce the times of venipuncture, prolong the interval of venipuncture, alleviate the pain of patients, make infusion more convenient, ensure intravenous medication, and reduce the workload of nurses.

    Product Features

    1. New generation of bio-materials polyurethane does not contain DEHP which has been approved by the China Food and Drug Administration; 
    2. Radiopacity; 
    3. Imported stainless steel needle with small puncture force to reduce the pain of patients;
    4. Complete specifications with 26G / 24G / 22G / 20G / 18G; 

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